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all our thoughts 

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consider the possibility

The loving brief was simple. Create an awareness AD campaign that captures the mood of loving transformation, embraces a country under the shifts brought about by a global pandemic, announce the upcoming Mels Love Land: Docu-Series release and celebrate the launch of Season 1 that looks at love in all its forms by asking the question WHAT IF All Our Thoughts Were Loving?

We wanted an idea that would be connected to neighborhoods, to the lands that had lifted us up for the whole Mels Love Land process, space that would amplify our loving media movement, and reminders to expand the idea of what love could do. We wanted to allow for a component of technology and the beauty of being outside in beautifully powerful ways.

What we came up with part of the magic and miracles of working with loving spirit.


As we talked through the best way to honor Mels Love Land: Docu-Series from what started as a book, Mels Love Land: Consider the Possibility There is Another Way, into this transition in form to a television Docu-Series ideas flowed naturally, thoughts and memories flooded forward from the past years of loving everyone that started with a Voice that asked me to 'consider the possibility there is another way...'

For the next 100 days

I am going to consider the possibility

there is another way.

I won't talk about war, I will feel peace.

I won't talk about what isn't working.

I will experience what is.

I won't complain about what people don't do.

I will appreciate what they do.

With care and work

I am going to allow myself to be uplifted

and be willing to see change in a new light.

In what's remembered.

With Love.

It was a voice that wanted me to listen, listen, listen to the universe, like Joseph Campbell's work of mythology expressed ~listen to 'the song of the universe, music so deeply embedded in our collective unconscious that we dance to it, even when we can’t name the tune.' It was in this space of listening I heard what I needed, and while the understanding has taken longer to unfold, it made sense to go back to the roots of the divine love and wisdom moments ever connecting to the beating heart. The original writings, became a book repping the divine love and wisdom from that powerful, deep space within. The work of looking at the world from a loving point of view.


With our hearts firmly rooted in love. We sketched out the idea for a loving 'SIGN.' An Outdoor Advertising campaign that would be accessible, fun and most importantly, during a pandemic, something easy to execute, replicate and allow for a heartfelt activation.

We quickly worked out the sketch of the design to honor the original heart.

Using the font from the Docu-Series the LOVE SIGN was born. It was quickly decided the Outdoor Advertising vehicle would be a MELS LOVE LAND YARD SIGN placement to create a heart. The creative would add to the mix of political signs as we entered our renaissance of love for 2021. The Yard Signs felt connected to community and the idea of posting them in front yards revealing the deeper commitment to love our neighbors as ourselves (because ultimately, we are our neighbors.) The signs put a loving stake into the ground in the name of love.

We found a printing company in Austin, Texas to do the job and settled on ordering 100 signs representing the critical mass numerology required for transformation.

We co-created locations that would embody a heart covering a large meaningful area of the earth, encapsulate the love movement and prepare the way for the loving efforts that would follow. We organized around our neighborhoods, as a land acknowledgement and prayer for healing and awareness. The heart signs broadcast the announcement of Season One which includes an episode on localized land based healing initiatives. In every way the heart sign campaign embodies a regeneration and reclamation of our earth wellness, a symbol of sacred activism connecting to every effort and relating the DNA of the process of Mels Love Land: Docu-Series of looking for and interacting to the world with love.


Geo selecting locations to create the heart was the intention. We started with the MAP, honoring Tongva land from the triangle of the Angeles National Forest, the Pacific Ocean Coast to Compton and created a google MAP heart to create the heart pattern dropping pins via the Google MAP app through fourteen (14) points/locations to create our 'loving heart' target zone spanning the entire landscape of the City of Angels. The heart map represents our Los Angeles land acknowledgement center of loving amplification.

"Absolutely some of the coolest marketing I've ever been a witness to! Kudos to the creatives that came up with this idea." - Sean B. (Customer Love Team) BUILD A SIGN, Austin, TX


Our Team went out across Los Angeles on a beautiful sunny day. The heart took form as each sign went into the earth. It was decided for the campaign the posting of the heart sign would be ceremonial with a prayer for our earth. The prayers offered our intention for healing our community, cultivating the circumstances where we shift from fear to love across all our systems. The HEART MAPPED pattern represents a bridge to a future full of loving thought. All around Los Angeles we placed 100 signs to put a stake in the ground. A reminder of our inter-connection, a reminder of our collective connective heart with our hopes to be an inspiration for others who are ready to allow their loving light to ignite community action.

There's a saying in A Course in Miracles "I choose the second place to gain the first." You never miss your destiny. It is always revealing itself. When we release what we are striving for, we allow the possibility for our heart to receive, everything. It is the miracle of practicing choice. A simple campaign of hearts planted into the ground as a faithful offering in the name of love, as a reminder and a call to action. Today. Today. Today. Is a day for love! To meet, great and announce your place in a world of love.


The funny thing, the more you listen to your divine love and wisdom the more it wants to guide you.


The signs have extended the offering from the virtual into the ground, expressing our intersectional relationship with the earth and all its inhabitants. With each heart we demonstrate what love does in all its forms.


How we co-create loving outcomes, how we support a shift in a world and rebuild in the name of love lives in our willingness to commit to the fierce power of our loving hearts. How we engage with communities laden in trauma, and develop neighborhoods where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Grateful for this opportunity to create a Mels Love Land campaign across the City of Angels. What I learned... in a city of millions and millions of folks living closely together... is each life touches so many others, and big cities are small towns in the routes that connect us and the hearts that light the way. 100 signs activating a network of the heart in every way possible. In addition to creating a broadcast of love and transmitting loving messages, the stories shared invite the viewer to consider the possibility there is another way in their life. When we look at the world with love it literally transforms. When we consider the possibility there is another way, we begin to take action with love and our world evolves. Season one of the Docu-Series shines a loving light on the inner work required to affect our outer experiences. We connect the loving harmonic story that resides in all things to enable peace through the increased awareness of love as a balanced soul force multiplier.


As we sit at the beginning of the 21st Century, there is an old world dying and a new one being born. Mels Love Land looks at each world with the compassionate positioning of love and allows the viewer to experience moments of meditation, of grace and authentic power. The Docu-Series is designed to allow viewers to consider the possibility there is another way to look at every situation. In light of all that has happened, is happening, and the work ahead; it is time to allow love to lead the way. We hope you find love on whatever road you travel and find a way to experience more love, everyday.

Interested in starting something loving in your neighborhood, order your own Mels Love Land sign. Please reach out. Every action in the direction of love by its very nature and presence co-creates magic and miracles.

A Case Study for Love.

Mels Love Land is an original Docu-Series that asks the question WHAT IF All Our Thoughts Were Loving? Mel listens to a still small voice to go to the Love Land Public Library in Love Land, Colorado and bares witness to a universe of love in all its forms, offering its wisdom as advocacy to light up our collective heart. This bridge building work tells the true story of what happened when writer Melanie Lutz set out to love everyone and shares the stories captured and curated to heal our worlds.

We hope you experience more love, more joy and all the ways we are interconnected in the space of the heart.


Contact: MEL

An Original Docu-Series

S1: MELS LOVE LAND - WHAT IF All Our Thoughts Were Loving?

Streaming September 2021



Melanie Lutz – Mels Love Land

All Systems Love

Writer/Producer/Love Activist




Join us for the Spring Equinox meditation with radiant, rooted, nourishing plants, herbs and earth medicine as we transport into the garden with a special TEA blend made by Birdhouse co-founder Bella LeNestour featuring Red Cover, cacao and shatavari.

With this seasonal event, we'll be cultivating the conversation to expand, amplify and develop into the great work of transforming our worlds as we align with the love of all living things, inviting in the divine love and wisdom of the garden to our tea cups and our hearts.

Wherever you find yourself, however your circumstance, may this be an invitation to something grander, a vision for something wonderful to unfold.



Sunday, March 21

Noon PM Pacific Time


More info and to sign up here.

You will be sent your Zoom link and instructions as soon as you RSVP.

May you open to new days, new ways and all kinds of powerful experiences of love this spring season!

Pick up your Tea at The Birdhouse on Saturday if you are local.

Tending the Gardens of our Lives with Care and Work Birdhouse Spring Quinox Tea ☕️💖✨

Consider this event and its MEDITATION as an invitation to LISTEN TO THE WISDOM OF THE EARTH'S MAGIC AND MIRACLES. Should anyone want to volunteer or join the Birdhouse and its community Apothecary, please let us know. We will be opening into the garden in Beachwood at the beginning of April.

If you are ready to become a member and enjoy for other wisdom classes and get involved in the great work of our time, please sign up with The Birdhouse for upcoming activities and events and good vibes.

So much divine love and wisdom is flowing. Dig in, set sail and let's see where we'll go with our heart centered work. Let's celebrate each other and invoke the great wonder of spring's renewal and resurrection as we tend our hearts, experience the magic and miracles of our lives, and enjoy the deep listening for all the wisdom and grace available in each moment. Our beloved community garden The Birdhouse is building a powerful space to connect to all that is.

It always begins with you, living from the heart, aware of your purpose, alive to the possibilities of what love can do. It begins in each moment you choose love and TEA.

Love, Mel


Melanie Lutz – Mels Love Land

All Systems Love

Writer/Producer/Love Activist



all our thoughts

were loving. . .

consider the possibility




It struck me during an aside in an interview before Joseph Biden turned the corner to become the presumptive democratic nominee '...This should have been Beau.' It hung in that space of liminal possibility. It was a call from the other side, a moment of presence in this timeline and a golden spike in the trajectory of possibilities for democracy towards a future timeline. I heard it as a call to destiny. The destiny of love. Perhaps the "better angels of our nature." perhaps a cry to consider the possibility of the necessary work of our times. There are no 'should have beens' - those of us alive, now, are in our call of duty to a loving, thriving, peaceful world, where we are in balance and harmony, allowing a guiding principle to love and care for our neighbors, because we are our neighbors.

As we cultivate the conversation for the world we are building together, a world where our systems are aligned in love. Let's have a great time of reflection, atonement and ask yourself what is the worlds we've been apart of, known, loved, calling us to do.

We are products of our lineage, our relations, our experiences, we are held in patterns we don't even know that create the prisons of the reality at the level of our conscious understanding. What we don't know is where true possibility lies. back as early a destiny quides our hearts, and we never miss our destiny. One way of the other we arrive Our nation is being pulled into deeper levels of governence, one used Change is gonna come, one way or another. Our We are here to believe in each other, to extend our hearts into another and allow that flow to create connection. Our opportunity to consider the possibility there is another way is here. Each of us is made up of those who have come before us, our ancestors. It is said in healing traditions that seven generations forward and back represent the family constellation and the opportunity for healing.

The Senate trail of the second Impeachment of Donald J. Trump lays bare the influences of our experience set. In the abstract what we don't know is a lot and represents the entire field of possibility. My thoughts. My Hopes. My Prayers and an observation.


All time is now. Now is the moment where everything changes. Where we are free from the past and available to the possbility of the presence. Now. Now this moment full of love unhinges the future to be something different than it was previously. I share some perspectives of what lead us to today and look forward to a new day where we grow in our loving, fueled by every living thing, including our ancestors, present in this collective heart moment.

Our timelines, our thoughts, our worlds, our very 'reality' are being challenged. Love is the highest vibration and allows for the maximum field of vision. The deep work of the 'fearless moral inventory' is among us and surrounds us as we embark on our necessary work for this next chapter of the 21st Century.


The ability to stand in the present moment and be moved by the commitment to justice and the necessary work we are called to do is emodied in this term of President Joe Biden.

Joe Biden pic by Getty Images

A man whose heart has always lead the way. When Beau died, it took a tole on the Biden family. Joe Biden, during his decision to run for the Democratic nomination he spoke of his hopes for Beau's future, that he would have anticipated supporting Beau in his run for office, not his own. When Beau passed the weight of it.

Words in his inagural window, spoken as President Elect Joe Biden at the Beau Biden in Deleware is sent to Washing echo all he feels, has said and holds space for. "I have only one regret, that Beau is not here. Because we should be introducing him as President."

💖 Those who know loss, hold a tender space for others. Those who have transcended through grief hold space for those who are just aware of its tap on the shoulder, the insidious creep of form. Those who have traversed grief know the possibilities of the world of form to change.

Tech and Entertainment have captured the connections of this century. The discoveries far outmatch the human's ability to interact with them. We, all of us, are learning the meaning of collective trauma, collective societal problems, and collective narcissism. Luckily we have a collective heart and more and more folks who understand the process of transformation. We have a rising femme movement that is literally 53% of the population and who understand they have given birth to 100% of the population. Women understand the collective gestalt the wholeness pattern, the ability to bring life out of the collective birth canal.

Our efforts at Mels Love Land are here for you to ask yourself what would love do in every circumstance, when we are connected to our heart center, to inquire, to love deeply, completely and wholeheartedly, allowing for the shift of POV from fear to love. In essence every piece asks us to expect a miracle. Everything we create invites you into this conversation. Love allows for a commitment to everyday use its power and vision to see things differently. Love's nature is peace, full and enduring peace. Fear is the lower vibrational thought form. It is by it's nature false, unnatural and an 'instinct' build on experience. As you begin to unfold your fear, you allow your 'reactionary body' to be freed from the actions of the pattern built on fear; collective, personal, systemic and otherwise, it frees you to be an embodiment of truth that is the love of our everyday actions that uplift our worlds. As you unplug from the past and enter these next days.


KAMALA DEVI HARRIS is the first female Vice President of the United States of America holds the light her Mom carried from India and California holds a great space in the sun.

Maya Harris, her sister shared a video of their Mom that captures the heart of the matter, the way the angels across the bridge, on the other side are remembered with every move we make. All of it the good, the bad, the wonder, the work, the striving for something, the open hearted grace of wanting to express and imprint the power each of us holds to grow into the light of all that will be.

We collectively have much to work through. The list is long and from someone who likes to accomplish a lot, the shits not going to get done unless we take out the broom and start organizing, sweeping up and collectively taking action. That simple. That is all. Either you gonna do it or you gonna make excuses. Don't make excuses especially when there are none have a pandemic, a meet the dawn of the AI/ AR/ AV spaces of our imagination.

As you become aware that a slight twinge of annoyance is nothing but a veil drawn over intense fury, the fury of what is unspoken, the fury of injustice to our people, the fury of inaction, and the fury of unchecked abuse, you will formulate a trust in your connection to love that becomes the impenetrable steel of the collective heart in action. Allow love to lift you up, to provide support, to bend with the whispers and echoes of the world at peace.

Many talk about this or that. This or that are perspectives, points of view based on our personal experiences and POV. We are in a great turning of transformative work. A great healing, a trauma informed healing.

As one century gives way for a new century and angel army if forming. 2020 is the transition point, 2021 is the opening of the collective ehart and the 20's beome a renaissance for crativeity born of love and kindness to build the world anew, to expand into an all systems loving way of being where everyone thrives through our connections, rooted into foundational wellness. We've all been talking about in our ceremonies, integration of heart centered leadership, and a bridge building throughout and our churches and our worlds and our public systems as we expand and amplify what is good, what is right and what is nourishing for a majority of the planet. A light bridge of transition is upon us and our angels are making the way known. The realization of this time is one where love will lead the way, for many reasons. Love is the highest vibratory frequency, love is the way we make manifest the present. Love is our gateway to miracles and the presence of love literally eviscerates darkness and co-creates connection.


We are moved by an invisable subtler energy connected to the life force of the universe. In each moment everyone who has ever been and ever will be exists. This moment is where our actions are met with miracle reddiness.

Day 1 Second Impeachment Jamie Raskin words.

Rep. Raskin speaks of the loss and the message his son delivered on the last day of the year that was 2020. "Tommy was a remarkable person, he had overwhelming love for humanity. for our country in his heart and all the people of the world."

There is a way the source of our authentic expression lives through our actions.


PATRIARCHY ISN'T ABOUT MALE ANYTHING. It is a persistent. It is systemic. It has a long history. Our Grandmothers, our ancestors, our worlds that have come before this moment are with us in this march to liberation. There is a long history of freedom fighters, souls and energies alive to the possibility of the present moment. Now. Now. Now. Each moment builds on the loving efforts of the moments that have come before.

It is how the damn breaks, as the rivers flow and the waters of our being is nourished.

“Love is that condition in the human spirit so profound that it empowers us to develop courage; to trust that courage and build bridges with it; to trust those bridges and cross over them so we can attempt to reach each other.” #MayaAngelou

May the torch continue to burn brightly. May we grow and flourish in the hearts of everyone who chooses the work of love.

Yes. We stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us and other times there are the angels who guide us and inform us and light the way.

Five minutes from a young voice from California presented in its delight, joy and upliftment of a new era. Amanda Gorman reads her inauguration poem, opening up the the next generation, the next era, the renaissance of joy build on the wings of sunshine.


'We will get ours no matter who suffers.' Frederick Christ Trump Sr. was a prominent American real estate developer in New York City benefited off folks in need of housing and never looked back to build a bridge.

In case you haven't seen the origins of DJT here's a small piece of a doc from the History Channel on T's Grandparents - Frederich, Elisabeth, it seems relevent to this moment, onto the Fred and Donald relationship. Folks who profitered off of those who had less and spun a golden tale.

To share thoughts from twitter that represent the flow of justice and the personal stories shared during the writing of this post, and the ways different POV's allow for our betterment.

Again, we rise with our relationships grounded in loving possibility. These words by Rep Jamie Raskin is a light of this new day, wherve he invites EVERYONE into the conversation in gratitude. In every appearance Mr. Raskin emobdied the principle of justice, he felt held in the worlds of possibility, his son, his friends, his coworkers. He gave us a space of experience to embrace as we move forward, he gave us a testament of duty and he allowed for a vibrational truth to flow through the hearts of all present. No matter whose heart is hardened, there was a vibration of destiny running through his words. We heard him from the level he was speaking from. Whether folks choose love or status quo, or to bully, or whatever choice folks make the vibration was clear, honest and full of the integrity of possibility to hold accountable everything that has lead us to this moment. I share it in light of this sharing to allow you to experience how we are always held when we step into the present moment and act from the depths of the heart.

Everything is born from love. Love for ourself, each other and the world that surrounds us. We are part of a great liberation movement, bending away from enslavement, toward a fully realized democracy. It is our time to experience the grace of a new way, a new day, a new play, a new story and a way for personal integrity grow, for our hearts to lead the way.

May we know a great healing. may we come into the center of our own being and know love. May today be the beginning of the realization of what our loving will do. May each day that follows expand the field of possibilities, where we evolve, where we grown, where we hold each other toaccount as a celebration of every moment that has lead us here. We are in our natural forgiveness for what has come, we have atoned for it and we know the power of letting the past go it can touch us not. May we be inspired by our knowing free from any pattern built on fear and may today be a day where you know unbounded, unbrideled, unkown loving and may you do everything you are being called to do. May you live in your fullest destiny and my grace and ease surround you.

Love, Mel

More information on Contact: MEL

An Original Docu-Series

S1: MELS LOVE LAND - WHAT IF All Our Thoughts Were Loving?

Streaming September 2021