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all our thoughts 

were loving? . . . 


consider the possibility

Each year we present and amplify a NEXT 100 Days of Love. It is one of the ways we manifest community miracles. We together connect around loving thought. The idea is to make a commitment to receive and give 100 days of love. This year is different for many reasons. We are being given an opportunity, a moment in time to reflect, to ask questions, to look up from what was and allow the present moment to offer its medicine, to open our heart vision, to expand our health and wellness through the tenor of our daily acts of care and work and to consider the possibility there is another way. Mels Love Land's 9th NEXT 100 begins 5/30.


How each of us is affected by our grief is individual. I trust the process required to arrive at clarity of perfect peace that resides within each of us and I respect each of our choices on how we allow love to activate our heart. May you allow this next 100 to fuel and nourish your thoughts and encourage actions that are kind, loving what is possible and what represents wellness in our community. May any grief we experience as we let go resting in the arms of love, breakthrough to more love. May we experience grace as we process our trauma and loss and may we find ways to reconnect to what is essential.


Each day as we wake into conscious awareness for 100 days we consider the possibility what love would do and deeply connect to our inner wisdom, power and grace for instruction and guidance. We choose love. It is love, only. This isn't a test, there is no right or wrong, left or right, it is an offering of love as a way forward, to ignite something, to make a shift in your point of view and to quite beautifully receive love for 100 Days, to bask in our most nourishing loving-ness that is our natural birthright, as an experience of love throughout the garden of our being.

If this is something that interests you, and you want to make a commitment to 100 days of love the bottom line across all our communities, systems and interactions - consider joining us for our 9th Annual Mels Love Land: NEXT 100 and watch the world as you see it transform via the vision of the heart.

Healing is the gift of loving thought as we choose again to see things differently, to envision the beauty in all things.

Inspired by all who have come before us, our ancestors, our neighbors, our friends, our partners and playmates, our teams and legions of lovers here and around the globe devoted to a loving POV. I am so blessed with every necessary loving thought, action, and word to receive so much.

During these 100 days, wherever you are, however you practice, we share in gratitude and collective loving action, inspired by the call of our intuition, our knowing, our inner wisdom to step up and raise the vibration of our collective thinking as we connect to the heart. In every moment we consider the possibility there is another way for a shift, to look, to blink into a reality reborn from the radiant beating fresh eyes of the collective heart. While our Next 100 days is an annual offering, our love activism movement is ongoing throughout the year. There are other opportunities to get involved or participate or contribute. Our inspirations are many, and today, along with the many days ahead, may love surround those on the front lines, may they know they have support, may they rest as necessary, may they find comfort in knowing justice and love will prevail. May we reconnect to what matters, may our healers find a deep channel of power to nourish and protect them as they do the necessary work.


Miracles are shifts in perception from fear to love. A way for a shift.

The principles of love are many, the actions of spirit profound and the miracles present in the practice of showing up for love, for each other, for our worlds are unpredictable. A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.


Every moment we have the opportunity to choose love, with loving eyes, we affirm possibility, we lift up aka shift the trajectory of our thoughts toward peace, harmony and beloved community. As we grow in our abilities to work together, creating connection with our open hearted loving, the infrastructure that binds our hearts to a single constellation of destiny is enriched cultivating the conditions required for evolution. Love begins with a first step, choosing to be loving, and is met 1000 fold. Our collective heart grows every day in every way as we say yes to more love as we recognize if it is not loving, it is a call for more love. As we quietly decide to make a choice for love, for the truth that never changes and for the grace of now another heart opens, another heart opens, and love, my friends is a great, just, equalizer of what is life.


Thought creates form. Love is the highest vibration and allows for perfect vision, in the power of now, alive to all the possibilities every available. When you practice love principle the world is made more loving. Step up. Step in. Step lightly and let's do this, together.

For more information, check out our Next 100 page on the site. As our loving offering during this time of homebound grace, use coupon code LOVENOW or EVOLVE at checkout and the NEXT 100 is yours as our gift. Do as you are called. Do what is nourishing your soul and contributes to the health and wellness of our community. We set up an event page on Facebook if you want to follow along.

Love, Mel


Mels Love Land: All Systems Love Next 100 is a movement that started with a voice repeating, for the next 100 days, consider the possibility there is another way became a book and soon to be docu-series.

Melanie Lutz is a filmmaker, writer and love activist living in Los Angeles, CA. She has been developing love broadcasts and will launch her Mels Love Land: What if All Our Thoughts Were Loving docu-series in fall of 2020.

IG @MelsLoveLand

Twitter @MobileMel

Mels Love Land: Consider the Possibility there is Another Way

available on Amazon

Years ago I wrote a tiny powerful book of affirmations and prayers celebrating the magnificence in all of us. Every March I am reminded of the tears that preceded the birth of the first words for the book. Tears from deep in my cellular system, tears beyond my-self, tears of shame and tears to shed what had masked the truth that lay at the center of my well being and the answer to the question "Who Am I?"


the next words were part of an evolution of my consciousness, of choosing love to be my way out of whatever hibernation had frosted over my nature. The frost cracking open with warming rays of inner light...

An ancient melody calls us

To the awareness of who we are

Infinite heart

Infinite love

Infinite peace

Fierce compassion

Ultimate power

I am a Magnificent Woman

Spring is coming. Love is flowing. Joy is transforming our world. Allow it all to unfold magnificently. The edge of spring is the place where we return to the loving arms of spring's fullest awakenings.

BIRTH anew.

Alive and alight

with grace

for all that is



cared for and part of the wholeness pattern.

The edge of spring reminds me of regeneration and resurrection and the ways all who have come before us are with us and all time is now. The neighborhood is full of signs offering messages of hope and power and truth, demonstrating the care and support available and the abundance of all that is.

THINKING ABOUT MY WITCH, SHAMAN, HEALER, ARTIST SISTERS and the awesome privilege available to each of us as we honor the spirits we work with and are surrounded by. Today and everyday may our work honor our sisters and our ancestors and all the work they laid down so we could pick it up. Grateful for them and grateful for you.

I am Cecilia and Thelma’s Grand Daughter

I am Louise’s Daughter

I am Melanie Lutz

I write

by looking at the world in a different way,

never seeing problems only opportunities

for people who want to live in the truth

in a world that longs for authenticity

revealing the simplicity of love

in an era undergoing total transformation

I am a Magnificent Woman

writing. ideas. inspiration.

From Jeanne Achterberg's Woman As Healer

“Women must reclaim the ecstatic feminine impulse before we can appear again in the fullness of our glory. The witches of yesterday will rest, I hope, having found in a new generation of women the pity and compassion they deserve. We grieve for them and for ourselves. For every woman who cannot find her voice or attract her love or express her power to heal our world, there was a woman burned alive for doing so. As we move forward, armed with new understanding, may we unearth our long-buried passion. And. May they, our dear dishonored sisters, find peace.”

May we all find peace as we begin anew in the light of our truest gifts, grounded, connected and aligned.

Thinking about you and wishing you a wonderful one. Hope you had an amazing leap day . 366 days to love more deeply. To talk about things that matter and to connect gently in new open hearted ways that evolve our beings to peace. Rest well and fully, relaxing into the arms of Love 💗💗💗

May we know ourselves, may we celebrate each other and may we know the deepest peace of our loving hearts.

Love, Mel

I AM A MAGNIFICENT WOMAN available here.

What is an All Systems Love Movement?

Systems co-create patterns. How we shift those patterns is a matter of the love we make and the heart connection we embody. An all systems love movement is exactly that. It is an everyday offering of love and kindness, the commitment to the necessary acts of being present to what needs to be done, to leave situations better than we found it and to allow the every available field of possibility to co-create miracles. It is an advocacy that we see the world first with love, from the vision of the heart and enact loving, necessary, gentle action to move and change our worlds from that commitment to CHOOSE LOVE!


Every moment you are listening with the heart, you are considering the possibility there is another way to look at every situation. The earth is constantly moving, turning, growing, evolving, interacting, and flowing. It is the one constant - movement. In our co-creating with love we stay connected to the still point at the center of all things, in our action, our activism our beating heart we remain at one with all that is.


Make a commitment right now to put love into action. To be the kind of person who listens, who takes a beat, who inquires into the larger conversation and who understands this is what we have now. This moment of grace and understanding and connection where everything happens. Rise up today and be a love advocate. Join with us and work in your community to remember to be kind, to be loving and when called upon to do the right thing when no 0ne is watching to DO IT with LOVE!

Melanie Lutz asks the question "WHAT IF ALL OUR THOUGHTS WERE LOVING?" Check out the Mels Love Land | What if All Our Thoughts Were Loving? An Exploration of Love winter trailer...

'What would the world be like if all our thoughts were loving?' Melanie Lutz asks us to consider the possibility there is another way and navigates through the waters of love, what it is, how it operates, and how we open our hearts to all the love that ever was. Consider the possibility there is another way. Mels Love Land: Docu-Series coming in Fall 2020.

More information to attend a private activation screening or plan one in your neighborhood... email us at sign up to pre-order the docu-series here. Every dollar contributed supports our loving efforts. no matter what the question LOVE always remains the answer

Join the all systems love movement.

Winter Trailer 2020




no matter

what the question

LOVE always

remains the answer

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