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Awareness Screening

Episode 1: We are Made of Hearts (Pilot)

Love and aging. Mels Love Land paired w/ HBO Doc If I'm Not in the Obit, Have Breakfast - starring Mel Brooks, Norman Lear, Carl Reiner, Jerry Seinfeld, Dick Van Dyke. The Awareness Film Festival brings light to open eyes to some of our world’s pressing issues: Ecological, Political, Health/Well Being and the Spirit. 

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Grant from Puffin Foundation

Received prestigious grant from the prestigious Puffin Foundation

Love and Social Justice. A wonderful organization offering light to film makers, activists, photographers. Necessity is the mother of invention. We are in a time of transformation and change where the world is alive to possibilities. The kind and commited folks at The Puffin Foundation gave our production a wonderful gift of funding necessary post production services.

melanie lutz what if our thoughts were l

EP1: We Are Made of Hearts


The ture story of what happened when Mel heard a voice that said to love everyone.

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EP5: Birth of a Love Activist

Standalone - Review Episode

Margaux registers to vote for the first time in the 2016 Presidentail election and discovers sometimes you have to put love in action.

no matter

what the question

LOVE always

remains the answer

Donating is Loving

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