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all our thoughts 

were loving? . . . 


consider the possibility

Founded in 2015 by 
writer. producer. love activist
Melanie Lutz

a content hub for love in all its forms.
streaming loving thoughts + broadcasting storytelling + minting words of inspiration

Mel In Car in Colorado with Scarf_edited

Writer | Director | Love Activist
All Around Magnificent Woman

Imagine a world of Love. Imagine connection and community and peace as organizing principles in our world. What would our stories be like? What would our world be like if we shifted to an all systems love approach to sharing our stories? Imagine a world full of peace.
It starts with us. 
Melanie Lutz is an experienced creator and collaborator who works as easily with neighbors as she does with top artists, talent, companies, organizations, brands, advocacy groups and non-profits, connecting people and place who want to create a land of love. One of her many gifts is amplifying dreams that the collective heart makes and she loves discovering magnificent stories, unexpected wisdom, co-creating brilliant opportunities for light filled projections with extraordinarily talented folks.

Mel works with the co-creative principles of love
in every situation using her production skills with her training as a Reiki Master, an ongoing Qigong practice, and work with masters in SRF, Buddhism, Dance from the Heart, Shamanic healing, White Tantra, Jungian Soul, Akashic Records, Christ Consciousness and the uses of ACIM as a meditative practice. She believes in the power of love alignment and uses all her award winning production and brand management skills to create conscious light transmission throughout each and every project to heal our world.

Melanie lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

Mel Screen Grab from Love Land Library_e


Melanie Lutz talks love, advocacy and expanding our connections to the mulit-verses at John J in NYC

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