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Founded in 2015 by 
writer. filmmaker. love activist. 
Melanie Lutz

a premiere content hub for love in all its forms.
streaming loving thoughts + broadcasting storytelling + minting words of inspiration

Heart Art Love Activism: creating and sending hand made heart art cards.

Send a letter to anyone who you think might enjoy getting a letter, who is in need of love. 
Over the last several years we've sent out a lot of them.Sometimes we're asked to write to someone who is ill, or someone who is grieving a recent death or divorce, or maybe someone who is just a bit lonely. Sometimes we're asked to write to a person who is celebrating a birthday, or a person who is far from home, or to a kid who doesn't know the fun of getting a handwritten letter in the mail. Every once in a while, someone will ask me to write to THEM! If you know of a anyone who might like to get a letter please reach out.

Mels Love Land Love Heart Cards 2022_edited.jpg

JOIN US FOR Content, Creating Art Experiences, Streaming Loving Stories as we broadcast an Ecological Renaissance

Heart Art Card Project Every February 


is an American Filmmaker, Director

and Writer of

All Things Loving.