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all our thoughts 

were loving? . . . 


consider the possibility

Founded in 2015 by 
writer. activist. 
Melanie Lutz

a content hub for love in all its forms.

streaming loving thoughts + broadcasting storytelling + minting words of inspiration

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Writer | Director | Love Activist
All Around Magnificent Woman



Imagine a surprise 'Voice' telling you to 'Love Everyone.' The call had come to reconnect with soul, the heart of the earth and all the worlds transforming in this moment and the next. I chose to listen and each day endeavored to be more loving than I was the day before, calling in miracles from the realm of all possibilities. Bringing into physical form the highest vibration. This still small voice eventually became the NEXT 100 Days of Love, a practice, a commitment and a way of being.

For the next 100 days

I am going to consider the possibility

there is another way.

I won't talk about war, I will feel peace.

I won't talk about what isn't working.

I will experience what is.

I won't complain about what people don't do.

I will appreciate what they do.

With care and work

I am going to allow myself to be uplifted

and be willing to see change in a new light.

In what's remembered.

With Love.

This voice shared wisdom full of loving thought that became Mel's Love Land, a book to support co-creating lands of love. Here in the 1st part of the 21st century -- the work of an original documentary series establishing a love broadcast, to use the medicine of media to heal our perceptions as

a transmission and an all systems love production process to create peace on earth.

Mel's Love Land is an activation point for love to flourish. It is a place where brands, activists, non-profits, organizers, spiritual healers, indigenous people, all beings, would have safe space to create together with love. When Mel set out to create a land of love, to be the change she wished to see in the world and to blossom a love transmission not everyone was using love practices to produce. Now through years of study, practice, tests, media companies and work with top artists Mel has found ways to connect to our roots, to elevate our consciousness with high vibrational transmissions of stories that heal, that bring us together and allow freedom at the same time.

Let's together discover what love can bring as we grow our love practice, be a participant, be a donor, be a lover, be a creator, be a marketor, a musician, whatever gifts you have love will find a way to bring more love, it is what it does. We are constantly experimenting, constantly working toward peace on earth with our loving practices. Please join us, please practice where you are and please feel free to be all that love would have you be.

As we enter the unified field with our first series offering, the original documentary series, Mel's Love Land it is a good time to set the vision. We will bring light to the topic of love and its effects on our realities. We will delve into all practices of storytelling and content sharing. We will bare witness and broadcast our heart beats with loving care and commitment to peace on earth and throughout the heavens.


Love Activism

Amplification Storytelling

Earth Wellness

Advancing Justice

Next 100

Harmony + Balance

Weaving the Network: Healing Arts + Light Workers

Miracles in Full Force

Collective Heart Medicine

Kindness Club Action Network

Clean Water + Food Initiatives

Social Impact Story Amplification Projects

Vibrational Soul Force

Peace on Earth

Work w/ Love


When you let love lead the way your vision of the world shifts. In essence your thoughts create your world.

Love is the essential vibrational electric energy of the multi-verses. Mel asks the questions, stands with love and we all get the opportunity to witness love in its many forms. Change your thoughts to love and create a world of love.


Grace and power and light to all our endeavors.



Consider the possibility there is a loving way to look at every situation. Mel brings the love to each event. It is a talk, a screening and a sacred expreience. Reach out to be a part of the all systems love movment.

When we transmit the activism of the heart, we together, build a foundation of love and transformation for a world full of grace and peace and harmony. Each event weaves together loving possibilities, light work, and builds light investments that build bridges in a world evolving in rapid and awesome ways. We share our stories as we join together to heal the world.

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