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Founded in 2015 by 
writer. filmmaker. love activist. 
Melanie Lutz



VARIETY: Bachelor Button, Godetia, Larkspur, Agrostemma, Scabiosa Stellata

Sometimes it's flowers that are in bloom, other times, 

What's in season right now at The Ecology Center. Instead of choosing one variety, we asked them to create a mixed bundle of the most abundant, exquisite blooms on the farm. Feathery Godetia,

wispy Larkspur, delicate Agrostemma, papery Scabiosa, and vibrant Bachelor Button


Located in San Juan Capistrano, on a historic agricultural property surrounded by modern urban sprawl, The Ecology Center is a 28-acre Regenerative Organic Certifed™ farm that serves as a hub for southern California's local food movement. From nourishing families throughout the region, to mentoring the next generation of agricultural leaders, to hosting workshops and gatherings that spread the joy of a regenerative lifestyle, The Ecology Center is committed to modeling a radically local food system that gives more than it takes

Teapot Gardens led by artists to foster a lifestyle of creation in paradise.

Moonwater Farm | Compton, CA

El Serano Community Garden

Cue Farms

Flamingo Estate

The Ecology Center

Taft Gardens, Ojai

White Buffalo Land Trust

Restoring Our Ecosystem through Agriculture. 

We are committed to the evolution of land stewardship and the redesign of our food system to directly address the climate, biodiversity, public health, and food security challenges that we face today. With our employees, partners, and volunteers we engage in direct land stewardship, education and training programs, ongoing field research, and exemplary product development.

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