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What is an All Systems Love Movement?

Systems co-create patterns. How we shift those patterns is a matter of the love we make and the heart connection we embody. An all systems love movement is exactly that. It is an everyday offering of love and kindness, the commitment to the necessary acts of being present to what needs to be done, to leave situations better than we found it and to allow the every available field of possibility to co-create miracles. It is an advocacy that we see the world first with love, from the vision of the heart and enact loving, necessary, gentle action to move and change our worlds from that commitment to CHOOSE LOVE!


Every moment you are listening with the heart, you are considering the possibility there is another way to look at every situation. The earth is constantly moving, turning, growing, evolving, interacting, and flowing. It is the one constant - movement. In our co-creating with love we stay connected to the still point at the center of all things, in our action, our activism our beating heart we remain at one with all that is.


Make a commitment right now to put love into action. To be the kind of person who listens, who takes a beat, who inquires into the larger conversation and who understands this is what we have now. This moment of grace and understanding and connection where everything happens. Rise up today and be a love advocate. Join with us and work in your community to remember to be kind, to be loving and when called upon to do the right thing when no 0ne is watching to DO IT with LOVE!

Melanie Lutz asks the question "WHAT IF ALL OUR THOUGHTS WERE LOVING?" Check out the Mels Love Land | What if All Our Thoughts Were Loving? An Exploration of Love winter trailer...

'What would the world be like if all our thoughts were loving?' Melanie Lutz asks us to consider the possibility there is another way and navigates through the waters of love, what it is, how it operates, and how we open our hearts to all the love that ever was. Consider the possibility there is another way. Mels Love Land: Docu-Series coming in Fall 2020.

More information to attend a private activation screening or plan one in your neighborhood... email us at sign up to pre-order the docu-series here. Every dollar contributed supports our loving efforts. no matter what the question LOVE always remains the answer

Join the all systems love movement.

Winter Trailer 2020




Make 100 lives better with 100 Mitvahs. 100 Handmade Cards, 100 Loving acts of Service to be delivered to our local community senior living home.

DONATE to our Kickstarter here read on and watch our video below...


Delivering one of our Heart Cards to Oak Knoll Regency Park in Pasadena, CA. It was a wonderful outpouring of love and connection and flowers.


You have the power to do EVERYTHING in your everyday actions that build on the kindness and love in our collective hearts. People are rising up all over the planet to solve problems with love. There are a lot more kind folks than there are jerks. We tend to focus on the jerks because they are committed to being assholes. When you talk about our feelings being hurt, and the disappointments inflicted when folks act in trandgressive and hurtful mannors and the struggle and loneliness and disconnection that seem to be pervasive in our worlds, longing for something that has been slowly wrested from their beings. The antidote is putting love in action, in doing what you think you cannot do, in everyday ordinary acts of quiet loving certitude.

Remember, allowing Love to Leads the Way is the most organic form of activism, where our spirits are lifted, our hearts are full of nourishment and every step taken is met 1000 fold. Have you been hoping for more love and kindness to flow through your life?


Wherever you are, however you can, let love lead the way. For the past four years just before Valentine's Day we've been called to make 100 heart cards and deliver them to old age homes in our community ! It started with an email and an idea. Kickstarter sent out an Artists invitation to make 100 limited edition items and if you accepted the challenge they would help promote the offering. Make 100, hmmm. When hand and hand with my Next 100 program. I like the idea of 100 of something. To me it denotes the 'Critical Mass' and have the I've always loved mailing cards and sending them to folks I don't get to see all the time in person, it is something that brings me joy, is part of my system of reconnecting and is a quiet contemplation of who and what I love and each card mailed is infused with my heart filt wishes that it brightens the day of whoever receives it. It's no secret my journey to Loving Everyone started about 10 years ago and I have been quietly working to build a foundation that allows for folks to shift their point of view. Loving has lead me to the biggest twist, a world of freedom to co-create and collaborate where the world is made to be free in. It has allowed me to give up all the worlds I don't belong in.


In a quiet moment I started cutting out hearts from colored construction paper. It was a way to quiet my hands and my heart and to allow an expression to unfold, I used cut out hearts for events and experiences I put together as name tags, as an offering. The more events, the more cutting and the more contemplation. Anything you do over and over reveals the great mysteries of the universe. In cutting paper hearts, I began to remove all the extra from my heart, all that weighed me down, all that left me stuck. As I cut away the square and turned the cutting power of the scissors into precise turns, the heart would emerge a perfect mirror and representation of the effort. In this it became a quiet prayful practice of balancing the inner and outer, the ground and the sun, the world and all its charms. The hearts started having their own stories and they wanted to be added to cardstock and that's when the first of the heart cards was born. It was a moment and a commitment to make handmade cards with the variations of hearts. To use left over cards, papers, magazines, whatever spoke to me to bring about the perfect hearts in formations or alone. These cards became thank you cards, and welcome cards, and sympathy cards and all that card making entails. Organic activations seem to be the easiest to go back to over and over again. Handmade card making is a way through and while there have been some misshaps it has been without a doubt meaningful to me.

We would appreciate it if you considered donating, getting involved, sharing, subscribing and being a part of our All Systems Love 2020 activities.

Here's the video for this years efforts.

Add your name to the universal chorus who are raising our vibrations, our voices and opening our hearts to the necessary transformation of the 21st Century. New thought forms, new elementales of practice and a devotion to the earth and its rhythyms. Now is always the time for love and if you experience something other than love, it is a call for love.

Sending you all kinds of love. Now get out there and be a light so others can find their way in the darkness.

You da Best!!!!

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

It’s a gift to sing (or dance) in nature among the trees. It represents our connection and harmony with all that is.

On a fall afternoon with my Beachwood Canyon artist, musician and neighborhood community that form the Americana Biophlia singing group known as the Band of Singers, we gathered around a wonderful California sycamore to rehearse and prepare to sing. The shade creating a great blanket of love as we toned and tuned up in the blessings of that magnifcent tree in preparation for the performance at LA's Griffith Park for the Annual Fall Harvest Festival. We sang new and old songs connected to the earth and its healing and its heart. We sang into the mystical Griffith Park collective, preserved for all of Los Angeles to divine time with nature. Band of Singers is part of a flourishing local non-profit community garden, The Bird House, umbrelled with the Dignity of Man creating connection to the earth mother, our healing ancestry and advocating for allyship with a flowing expansion of biophilia with the world and all its inhabitants and their charms.


The address and directions themselves called out 'we shall be known.' the park between the carousel or (merry go-round) off of crystal springs road leads you into the depth of a great adventure. The LA Parks and Rec sponsored annual Harvest Festival offers the usual info booths, local artists, a tarot card reader, and a sprinkling of advocates for love, kindness, empowerment of young girls and all that jazz.

Our Band of Singers went on after a heart lifting Polka Band that was pure joy.


Our leader, Maesa Pullman, created a soulful set list of Americana and heart, of old and new, of songs that connect to our land and each other. It wasn't a perfect sing, but it was done with heart and purpose and for me a tear or too as we sang prayers for all our families that they may feel connected, loved and know their truest home. It is a gift to sing in nature among the trees, we gathered on a stage in front of an audience on bales of hay with our neighbors.

One of the songs we sang was MaMuse's We Shall Be Known by the Company that We Keep and in my heart on this day a great stirring opened, connection flowed and that certain joy of harmony flourished. Group chorus singing isn't always about nailing each song, sometimes its about being there and that is the gift of The Band of Singers. Grateful to my Band of Singers compatriots, who showed up, looked amazing and did the work of embodying biophilia. We brought the belief that the earth is our home, and as we tend to her and our ecosystems, as we align with love, justice and grace and shared heart songs as we SING into the clear air, whenever a wonderful day opens up it is a blessing and one we planted in the heart of the City of Angels on a perfect day.

Found this youtube vid of MaMuse Sung by the OGs on the bank of the river speaks directly to the calling of our being. For me their lyric In this great turning we shall learn to lead in love is deeply rooting and a thrill for my heart. The song in its entirety and the grace exhibited in each lyric is the power of harmony. MaMuse is comprised of Sarah Nutting and Karisha Longaker who uplift the spirit through their many offerings.

We shall be known by the company we keep.

We shall... is a high vibe statement... we shall overcome. It is a statement and an invitation and the next door neighbor to I AM that I see. We shall be known by the company we keep is all power, all beaming our hearts and all connection full and free with necesseray internal electricity for a new day where we honor our land and all she brings.

"We shall" took root for me as one of my favorite books, Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN, use of its deep call of the soul. Her work is so deeply embedded in our collective unconscious all these years leater it continues to be retold, reimagined and discovered anew. This quote struck me as a kid to include in my journal and something I work with throughout my days.


…satiate my ardent curiosity with the sight of a part of the world never before

visited." Embarking on “an expedition of discovery up a native river.” “Who was

I? What was I? Whence did I come?” -- The Monster

We shall be known by the company we keep.

It is a reminder to open up to different thinking, where Monsters aren't what you think

and fear is your friend opening your vision to the necessity of seeing who you are in the light of Love. It is the invitation.

We shall be known by the company we keep.

By the ones who circle round to tend these fires We shall be known by the ones who sow and reap The seeds of change, alive from deep within the earth

An interesting side note a teacher of mine used to point out I and We represent a seperate and a connected self ie. the I is seperate and used in Illness and the We is connected and used in Wellness. We are here to connect, to be be stewards for the land and each other.

As we move deeper in this great turning of the earth, as we leave the past behind, and open up to different thinking. May we remember to keep singing, dancing, thriving in the light of all that offers itself to you on Sunday afternoons and everyday you are blessed to wake up and start each day anew. May you remember our connection to all that is and may each day bring you to the center of your being, where every decision co-creates wellness and may you grow in your understanding and ability to lead with love as you demonstrate all the gifts you are here to share.

Love, Mel

no matter

what the question

LOVE always

remains the answer

Donating is Loving

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