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consider the possibility

Updated: Feb 3

Sending love. Simple. Straight to the Heart.

A decade of loving everyone as a practice and a way ahead to do the necessary work to love and care for each other. All over this country 160,000,000 folks voted. The highest vote total since 1900. 66% of the population. The necessary care and work for our country continues. We are grateful for everyone who put their hearts, their bodies and their spirit on the line. We link arms around the globe, we prayer for a new day where all are given the grace of intersectional liberation, a safe place to live, clean air and water, and a basic universal living opportunity.

Consider the possibility there is another way.

Love and peace warriors singing "I am not afraid."

We fight on as we consider the possibility there is another way.

Many thanks to all the organizations, to Dr. Barber, to the coalitions and the collaborators and those who know the least of us are seen and powerful and love is pouring in all around us.

Love, Mel

Updated: Feb 3

Life, is divine love, in form from Emanuel Swedenborg's Divine Love and Wisdom. Cultivating the conditions for love to lead the way.

ENJOY... Mels Love Land: "LIFE" trailer ft. MAESA singing the Navajo Prayer by Jody Healy.

Mel Note:

Prayer is the medium of miracles. Every day on every way we pray for deeper connection, for more understanding, for peace and collaboration that is complete, healed and whole. The musical storytelling choir I belong to, The Band of Singers* lead by Maesa Pullman, often sing a three part round of Jody Healy's Navajo Prayer. often find ourselves toning and singing a It is so beautiful. No matter how many times we sing it, each time, the experience is unique, as though, the world is being reborn.

The Band of Singers and Maesa are ft. in season one of Mels Love Land: Season one. The Band of Singers is a program of the The Birdhouse community gardens. A loving think tank for the healing of our earth and wellness of all her inhabitants.

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An Original Docu-Series

S1: MELS LOVE LAND - WHAT IF All Our Thoughts Were Loving?

Streaming September 2021


Updated: Feb 3

"Hope in the form of Motion." Dr. Cornell West.


More love, now.

"We‘re doing it for the angels, for my daughter, gotta keep dishing it, generation after generation... holding up each other and the ways that love supreme reigns."

May we listen in to the ways we are being called. Allow yourself the majesty of connection and let love lead the way💖✨

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An Original Docu-Series

S1: MELS LOVE LAND - WHAT IF All Our Thoughts Were Loving?

Streaming September 2021