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Handmade. Love. "Why Making Heart Art Cards to Share is the Ultimate Gesture of Love"

Whatcha gonna do at the end of your life when you are asked about the love you shared, gave away and received, unconditionally in this lifetime. During a challenging time when my Dad passed over the rainbow bridge, with a quick, debilitating diagnosis. It was rough, for us as the kids, but my Mom took it super hard, passing out, and needing to be rushed to the hospital. While tending to her at the hospital, some of the nurses shared how much quick losses and the resulting broken heart is a thing, a common thing. With Valentines Day coming up, I heard a voice that said, make this Valentines count, create 100 heart art cards and deliver them to your Mom and her sisterhood at her senior living center to remind them they are loved. A few of my artist friends joined me, we went to the flower market grabbed white roses and when Valentines Day came around we had a beautiful day of love and sharing in abundance.

Love is in everything. All around us. If you are not experiencing loving, there is something out of alignment. Consider what action to extend love and kindness might be your work do in for your beloved community.

Love. in action.  

Each year we've honored this practice of delivering love in the form of 100 handmade heart cards. It is part of each new year and something we as a group now treasure. Each card created is made with love to remind, "YOU ARE LOVED!"

We believe in the practice of biophilia, the love of all living things, and the luscious practice of acting with our loving in all our interactions.

We shared cards early this year, as a special way for us to connect with a senior and mail our gifted heart cards to their loved ones, extending our offering to spread the love for valentines. So much wisdom exchanges in taking a moment to connect in community, to give when you have more energy and to receive gratitude when the tank is low.

Oh, the stories we were told. Such a blessing.

Spread love. Share love. Look for the Lovers.

What is love but an experience of vibing with all that is in perfect harmony. Find ways to connect in beloved community, to love they neighbor and look to be kind.

What is she who has not given of herself to what is unknown, as yet, born onto faiths pure possibility through creative practices that trace their roots to many different sources.


We meet with folks at the senior living and drop off our hand made heart art cards, sharing and appreciating what comes through.

Heart Art Card Mitvah Project

We meet in the days and months before Valentines Day to create the heart art cards. Once we have over 100 cards completed we align with a local neighborhood location who we feel could use the extra loving deliveries. On the Day, we start early in the morning and deliver these handmade heart cards around town, for us here in Los Angeles. Each year we've had a few other cities and states participate. The idea is to bring the full on loving to the world. 💌🐲💗✨

The artists outdid themselves in the arting, this year.


Perhaps you'll consider how you can be of service, maybe this little mitvah will inspire a work of connection and love in your neighborhood, perhaps you want to join with us. No matter and however, do what feels right for you, with the energy you have and allow kindness to grow throughout our neighborhoods. Folks need your love, not your fear. Folks need more joy and less stress. Each transformation begins with one action as a commitment of pure imagination. If you love to create, share and be a part of something supremely loving, join us for a bit of heart activism throughout the year or for our annual Heart Card Mitvah. If you want to join send a DM. If you know someone who would love to receive a handmade greeting via the wonderful USPS, please reach out.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We are grateful for this tradition and the work and love that is exchanged every year in this beautiful love in all its forms. Sending so much love for a bright and beautiful new year.


Melanie Lutz

All Systems Love

Writer/Producer/Love Activist


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