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Activating Loving Movements of the Heart: MEL'S NEXT 100 DAYS OF LOVE

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Electricity is what flows through our heart beat igniting our expansion 💖✨

Together we are stronger. An idea shared grows in power and scale. There is nothing more powerful than an agreement between two people. It is past time we operationalize and align our systems in loving principles. There have been sooooo many decisions co-created with fear. Enough. Truly, enough. Let's allow our loving to lead the way as It falls upon each of us to recognize and remember our inner power. To offer our loving in this moment and the next. This loving movement is where change and transformation and healing occurs. This beat of the heart is when we change, grow and expand. When we considers the possibility there is another way. A way for a shift, a choice. In this moment, where grace flourishes and we connect with each other and all that is. Any love movement begins with a choice. 'Are we going to see a situation as loving and recognize or is the situation a call for more love. When we say 'I choose love.' We remember we are powerful beyond measure to co-create our reality. We are open to receive inspiration and, empowered to take loving action,' In essence, a love movement is the embodiment and demonstration of earth medicine, that regardless of any unacceptable behaviors pervading our social systems, how we feel, we take loving action. We are here for each other, we are all connected, we are our neighbor.

We are in a major transformation. Many folks saw the video of tanks and troops marching through neighborhoods and attacking folks on their front porches wondering 'What is this? Are we in America or the Middle East? How is it possible that this is the way we honor our neighbors and care and support our communities. It is eye popping and is not the first time I've seen it, and it is BS. Grateful to how many folks are seeing this and recognizing it is not okay. This tank and troops is not a movie. It is real, it is an asleep at the wheel example of how far we've gone off track. WE DO NOT NEED TANKS ON OUR STREETS. This is an idol of fear and promotes the last thing the planet needs. Love rules our streets and when we say "Whose Streets" the response is 'our streets.' We collectively pay for, contribute to and own the streets and are stakeholders in what happens on them.

Mels' 'I am here for love' is a declaration and a prayer to remember the necessary work of our time to decode what we are witnessing with love. Every "I AM" statement is a way through, reflecting change, always evolving different one day to another.

Please consider the possibility there is another way. Please ask yourself what love would do. Please join me in stating what you stand for and how you want to participate in this great turning we are experiencing together where we let love lead the way. When you can love everyone, including yourself the world is a celebration of our interconnection to all that is.

Love, Mel

Melanie Lutz is a writer/filmmaker/love activist's in addition to her loving works, a docu-series based on her book, Mels Love Land: What if All Our Thoughts Were Loving? will be available end of 2020/2021 for all the collective lovers out there.



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