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consider the possibility

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Years ago I wrote a tiny powerful book of affirmations and prayers celebrating the magnificence in all of us. Every March I am reminded of the tears that preceded the birth of the first words for the book. Tears from deep in my cellular system, tears beyond my-self, tears of shame and tears to shed what had masked the truth that lay at the center of my well being and the answer to the question "Who Am I?"


the next words were part of an evolution of my consciousness, of choosing love to be my way out of whatever hibernation had frosted over my nature. The frost cracking open with warming rays of inner light...

An ancient melody calls us

To the awareness of who we are

Infinite heart

Infinite love

Infinite peace

Fierce compassion

Ultimate power

I am a Magnificent Woman

Spring is coming. Love is flowing. Joy is transforming our world. Allow it all to unfold magnificently. The edge of spring is the place where we return to the loving arms of spring's fullest awakenings.

BIRTH anew.

Alive and alight

with grace

for all that is



cared for and part of the wholeness pattern.

The edge of spring reminds me of regeneration and resurrection and the ways all who have come before us are with us and all time is now. The neighborhood is full of signs offering messages of hope and power and truth, demonstrating the care and support available and the abundance of all that is.

THINKING ABOUT MY WITCH, SHAMAN, HEALER, ARTIST SISTERS and the awesome privilege available to each of us as we honor the spirits we work with and are surrounded by. Today and everyday may our work honor our sisters and our ancestors and all the work they laid down so we could pick it up. Grateful for them and grateful for you.

I am Cecilia and Thelma’s Grand Daughter

I am Louise’s Daughter

I am Melanie Lutz

I write

by looking at the world in a different way,

never seeing problems only opportunities

for people who want to live in the truth

in a world that longs for authenticity

revealing the simplicity of love

in an era undergoing total transformation

I am a Magnificent Woman

writing. ideas. inspiration.

From Jeanne Achterberg's Woman As Healer

“Women must reclaim the ecstatic feminine impulse before we can appear again in the fullness of our glory. The witches of yesterday will rest, I hope, having found in a new generation of women the pity and compassion they deserve. We grieve for them and for ourselves. For every woman who cannot find her voice or attract her love or express her power to heal our world, there was a woman burned alive for doing so. As we move forward, armed with new understanding, may we unearth our long-buried passion. And. May they, our dear dishonored sisters, find peace.”

May we all find peace as we begin anew in the light of our truest gifts, grounded, connected and aligned.

Thinking about you and wishing you a wonderful one. Hope you had an amazing leap day . 366 days to love more deeply. To talk about things that matter and to connect gently in new open hearted ways that evolve our beings to peace. Rest well and fully, relaxing into the arms of Love 💗💗💗

May we know ourselves, may we celebrate each other and may we know the deepest peace of our loving hearts.

Love, Mel

I AM A MAGNIFICENT WOMAN available here.



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