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10 Game Changing Organizations ft. in Mels Love Land: Docu-Series.

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

We are here to amplify stories of love to heal our worlds. Throughout 2019, MELS LOVE LAND, will create inspirational work, expand heart connections, tell stories and share all the inspiration that flows from loving media put into action. We are excited to introduce Season One of our original Docu-Series that asks the question; 'What Would the World Be Like if All Our Thoughts Were Loving?' and grateful for everyone we are privileged to work with in our all systems love media operation.

The Care and Work of the Heart.

One of the common themes of love activism is how it reveals the work of the heart, it is often an unstoppable impulse beating out an activists passion to share their gifts as an offering of sacred service to community wellness. Here is a first look at the orgs that we chose to work with and highlight in Season 1 of Mels Love Land. They exemplify the work required and are disrupting old patterns of community engagement, standing for love, education, justice, peace and spend long hours putting in the selfless work to support our collective wellness. They occupy intersecting areas including: earth wellness, food supply policy, community organizing, healing, permaculture, arts activism, advancing justice, offering girls empowerment, and rehabilitating our Veterans. We are honored to share these organizations as we set the stage for the series transmissions in 2019.


These non-profits are changing the game, reshaping our worlds, creating love policy, and fiercely leading with heart centered work.



CRITICAL MASS DANCE COMPANY and its foundational energy healing practice of seven sacred movements offered as the Dance from the Heart process is at work in the City of Angels connecting the inter-personal, and the larger communities of what moves us, and what opens hearts and grounds dreams, allowing a process of being in the world as loving movement. The process, the work and the teachings gasps the light of the collective heart as birth point for what is next leaving healing in its wake.

As Martha Graham often said, 'the instrument through which dance speaks is also the instrument through which life is lived — the human body.' Without Dance we lose our connection to the constant and ever moving vibrational harmonies of the universe which are always in motion; healing, regenerating and moving with the co-creative energy of love. Those who know how to dance with life, to embody and embrace its movements, flowing and gliding through what comes, masters the earth's cycles of possibility.

CMDC fosters the healing and empowerment of underserved girls and women in Los Angeles through dance and movement. CMDC's programs provide a space where girls and women (inclusive of cis and trans women, femme, and gender nonconforming individuals) cultivate confidence, resiliency, and wellness; nurture their mind/body connection; build community; and achieve their goals & dreams.

Transformation through heart-centered movement is a cornerstone to the creative direction of the organization, how, the movement of the heart heals trauma, releases pains, from any ancestral wounding. This heart healing energy practice of sacred movement uses 7 movements to root, align, uplift and harmonize the body. The Dance Company supports girls and women through offering Dance from the Heart programs to low-income, girls of color and adult survivors of sexual and domestic violence. It allows a process of natural creation of the body and when we embody our dreams the world changes, we take our place in the grand movement evolving the spaces and places we occupy. Whenever you feel something that won't heal, a thought, an action, a situation, put it in motion, align in the hearts work and keep on dancing. You will thank this organization for this one idea and any and all donations will help these programs continue and expand : )

Girls Empowerment program after Practicing Dance from the Heart

If you want to practice the 7 sacred movements and the idea of empowering, healing, educating and providing tools to our daughters, our precious girts. Consider donating to CMDC to activate and empower young girls to feel into their bodies and hearts and recover from trauma.



a Dignity of Man joint

The BirdHouse is a community garden in Hollywood, serving as a hub of exchange for those attracted to caring for the land and community through arts and ecology. Think of this group as a community-based resource to leverage arts and ecology for the wellbeing of people and place. The Birdhouse embodies the ethos of biophilia — love of life and the living world. In order to cultivate a culture of cooperation and a more resilient future, they instill a sense of deep connection to the web of life. Creating the conditions to reconnect people and place. Engaging community and each other in finding creative solutions through permaculture, systems thinking, medicinal plants, art, singing, science and storytelling.

At the community garden singing for the students of Chermoya Middle School

One of the programs at The Birdhouse is a community activist choir of storytellers and singers lighting up the canyon home and transmission center - where the world famous Hollywood sign resides.

The group connects people to place, Like a harmonic prayer of the heart coming together to discover the essential heart of storytelling through song. In the heart of Beachwood Canyon a sacred group of artists, storytellers and activists gather together in harmony to activate our collective love of our lands lead by music maker Maesa Pullman.

We aspire to a new story of interdependence, to restore shared wisdom, and to have fun doing it. Our vision is a lush and vibrant urban landscape where people are cooperating with nature to attain health and wellbeing born of genuine concern for each other and the environment.



There is no greater space than a library for building community connection, creating the space for possibilities, igniting a lifelong love of the arts, and ideas and passions. In the heart of DC is the master library of the United States of America. The Library of Congress's mission is to engage, inspire, and inform Congress and the American people with a universal and enduring source of knowledge and creativity. The world changes through the work and care and efforts that go into our every operation toward deeper literacy in all areas of our eco-systems. The work of our Civic, Public, Federal operations is deeply loving, deeply held spaces where love and kindness grows and prospers. It is an honor to have these principles on display in our series, as we bare witness to all the worlds offerings of art, books, photography, film as the representation of the creativity of our great nation.

Librarian of Congress, Dr. Carla Hayden giving a tour of the Library of Congress

The library holds the symbols of our great United States of America, the documents that founded our country and the reminders that all life is created equal, that hard work and harmony and we the people will rise and in its connection to the capital of our country it tends the consciousness of those who govern our nation.

Wonderful opportunities for free programs, lectures and support are made possible by continuing Donations.



The leading good food advocacy group in the country is as work in Los Angeles. Policy requires collaboration across the many disciplines and stakeholders. Good food policy that shift our worldview to align in health and wellness, social justice and community empowerment flows through how we nourish ourselves.

At one point food and water were our medicines. Regenerating our food system is critical work in the world. They are doing powerful community focused work vital to the health and wellness of our future. Nourishment of our children, each other and ourselves begins with our food systems. Food policy touches every household. They were instrumental in legalizing street vending, to introducing a ground breaking sustainable food policy for the County of LA, to helping donate over 4 million pounds of fresh food to food banks (through improved policy and city services, to launching a public awareness campaign about food waste.

Good food policy impacts every socio-economic category and touches every public square. In the beginning food and water were our medicines. Clean food, clean air and soil is how we prioritize wellness moving forward. I hope you find wonderful organizations already doing great work to love and support in the coming year. Start now and give where you live and nourish others in your wake! Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Los Angeles Food Policy Council so they can sustain this great work.



Innovation isn't a word often associated with the Criminal Justice System. Our court systems require context, in allowing Veterans to be treated, offered a path to rehabilitate

and be returned to the community rather than in prison. Advancing Justice.org is a natural offshoot of Justice for Vets, a division of the National Association of Drug Care Professionals (NADCP) advocates for Veterans rights restoring lives and hope in our communities through Drug and Veterans Treatment Courts.

In 2016 Congress passed a historic addiction bill, the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) that also authorized funding or Veterans Treatment Courts and Drug Courts. As discussions on how to handle the critical opioid crisis unfold there are talks of a 'CARA 2.0.' While our nation suffers under a weight of addiction and how to solve it, NADCP | Justice for Vets and a new initiative to lead the way to use the tools, innovations and institutional knowledge to effectively and with great courage shift to solutions that work to re-integrate, rehabilitate our Vets. Every day they organize, train, advocate and implement solutions that work creating just, healing outcomes in the lives of Veterans across the country. This is working to return one of our greatest public assets back into their communities. They served our country it is our opportunity to serve them. More information here.



The Sierra Club is the most enduring and influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States amplifying the power of 3.5+ million members and supporters interested in defending everyone’s right to a healthy world. What has any of us gained if we leave a poisoned world to our children. Each of us is responsible for the way we organize our relationship with the earth. The work of the Sierra Club has long been an inspiration rooted in nature. Through their work, several initiatives in working with youth advocates to activate awareness and integrate those who are most affected sharing in a vision of California powered with 100% clean energy to create a world of clean air, water and soil.

Community organizers including Lizette Hernandez pictured here lead the Clean Air initiative for the Sierra Club.

I first became aware of this program within the Sierra Club when I was invited to a stakeholders meeting in Watts to discuss air quality. Until that evening I didn't understand that Watts is a catalyst to every social justice conversation and holds a unique sacred space in the movement for clean air, land and soil. It is positioned between three of our biggest polluting source points in Los Angeles, LAX airport, The ports of Long Beach and the Warehousing and Truck transportation gateways creating a horrifying toxic zone, like a Bermuda triangle of poison that impacts everyone in its vice.