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A Tradition of Tea Ceremony: An Invitation to Love

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Love is what the universe offers and the sweet joy of a cup of tea how we receive. We are returning to the garden for a magical gathering among the trees, plants and loving powers of spirit with pots of delicious tea, ceremony and friendship. It's time for the divine love and wisdom of a tea circle. We will be hosting an in-person tea circle in the BirdHouse community garden, which will occur in the shadow of this year’s autumn equinox. with Jessica D. Perez, Director of Ed. Development at the BirdHouse representing the community apothecary.

You're Invited for Tea

The BirdHouse Community Apothecary

Invites you to the


Sunday, September 19, 2021

11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

In celebration of this important shift in Gaia’s cycle, we will be sitting in circle, while we sip and meditate with three teas and plant allies who will help us delve into the harvest of our imaginations and the roots of our dreams, as we move into a darker, more fertile time of the year.

Bring your favorite Tea Cup as we honor the Fall Equinox. We will feat. three teas; Passion flower tea to invite our hearts to open, wild cherry and rose for nourishment and Egyptian Blue Lotus for connection.

Our intention for this and every tea circle, is to nurture the inspiration that springs from our mutual exploration into the magnificent world of plants. We hope to create a safe space where we serve, care for, love, support and guide each participant to the plants that may help to unearth their own self-healing ability and deepen their connection to themselves, local community and the natural world. We will end our time together with a delicious potluck and a number of nourishing stories to be remembered and retold for days to come. Email Jessica for details.

**This event is for members of the BirdHouse** CLICK HERE to become a member for as little as $2 per month!

What to Bring:

  1. Please bring a floor cushion, pillow or mat to sit on. The BirdHouse will have foldable chairs available for those who may have back problems and cannot sit on the floor for long periods of time.

  2. A tea cup. You’re favorite, if you’d like.

  3. Journal and writing instrument. Colors, markers, paints optional.

  4. An edible item and/or dish to share with about 5 - 6 people. The BirdHouse will have water, tea (of course!) and some light refreshments. We will have access to a small kitchen, in case some potluck items need to be reheated.

Our Time Together:

11:00 a.m. Arrival, Welcome & Mini Tour of the BirdHouse Garden

11: 45 a.m. Land Acknowledgement

12 p.m. Tea Circle Introductions

12:15 p.m. Tea Circle Visualization, Meditation & Group Sharing

1:30 p.m. Close Circle

1:35 p.m. Communi-Tea Potluck

2 p.m. Good-bye and may we merry meet again!

Registration Fees:

Seedling ($11) – For members who are experiencing financial instability and who are presently unable to unfurl and establish their firm roots in the ground.

Budding ($22) – For members who are experiencing financial stability and who have taken in enough water, minerals and sunlight to provide shade for a fellow Seedling.

Fruiting ($44) – For members who are experiencing financial abundance and who have harvested enough fruits from their labor, to help cultivate an ecosystem of care.

Pics and Video from The BirdHouse Community Apothecary Medicine Making Day ❤️


The BirdHouse is a community garden in Hollywood, serving as a hub of exchange for those attracted to caring for the land and people, through arts and ecology. Our purpose is to engage each other in finding creative solutions to the most pressing issues of our times. Through permaculture, systems thinking, medicinal plants, art, singing, science and storytelling, we aspire to a new story of interdependence, to restore shared wisdom, and to have fun doing it.

Mels Love Land is a place to for love activism. We tell stories to heal perceptions. We co-create media, collaborating with a collective of heart centered artists to transform the worlds we live in.

Please connect, share, join us, we are here for love.


Melanie Lutz – Mels Love Land

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