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Join us for the Spring Equinox meditation with radiant, rooted, nourishing plants, herbs and earth medicine as we transport into the garden with a special TEA blend made by Birdhouse co-founder Bella LeNestour featuring Red Cover, cacao and shatavari.

With this seasonal event, we'll be cultivating the conversation to expand, amplify and develop into the great work of transforming our worlds as we align with the love of all living things, inviting in the divine love and wisdom of the garden to our tea cups and our hearts.

Wherever you find yourself, however your circumstance, may this be an invitation to something grander, a vision for something wonderful to unfold.



Sunday, March 21

Noon PM Pacific Time


More info and to sign up here.

You will be sent your Zoom link and instructions as soon as you RSVP.

May you open to new days, new ways and all kinds of powerful experiences of love this spring season!

Pick up your Tea at The Birdhouse on Saturday if you are local.

Tending the Gardens of our Lives with Care and Work Birdhouse Spring Quinox Tea ☕️💖✨

Consider this event and its MEDITATION as an invitation to LISTEN TO THE WISDOM OF THE EARTH'S MAGIC AND MIRACLES. Should anyone want to volunteer or join the Birdhouse and its community Apothecary, please let us know. We will be opening into the garden in Beachwood at the beginning of April.

If you are ready to become a member and enjoy for other wisdom classes and get involved in the great work of our time, please sign up with The Birdhouse for upcoming activities and events and good vibes.

So much divine love and wisdom is flowing. Dig in, set sail and let's see where we'll go with our heart centered work. Let's celebrate each other and invoke the great wonder of spring's renewal and resurrection as we tend our hearts, experience the magic and miracles of our lives, and enjoy the deep listening for all the wisdom and grace available in each moment. Our beloved community garden The Birdhouse is building a powerful space to connect to all that is.

It always begins with you, living from the heart, aware of your purpose, alive to the possibilities of what love can do. It begins in each moment you choose love and TEA.

Love, Mel


Melanie Lutz – Mels Love Land

All Systems Love

Writer/Producer/Love Activist



all our thoughts

were loving. . .

consider the possibility





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