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MELS LOVE LAND @Mystic Journey Bookstore w/ Melanie Lutz

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Join Mel for a Collective Heart Activation, Book Reading + Preview Screening of Original Docu-Series Mels Love Land!

Melanie speaks on a range of topics of love activism from shifting your POV, healing, advancing justice, environmental actions, to NDE and transcendence. Come share your ideas, or just enjoy. Be a part of the divine feminine uprising, awakening, call of the Goddess, the unfolding of our 21st Century as Healers, Lovers, Artists, Community Organizers, teachers, Diviners, Musicians, Writers and Love Activists for this interactive event with a preview screening of Mels Love Land original docu-series,

Melanie Lutz at a recent All Systems Love Event

Bring your Venice friends, invite your LA neighbors, sisters, brothers, love and kindness, bring your ideas and prayers for our communities, our country, the earth, our world, and our collective heart that ties it all together.

Whether you are wondering how to contribute, if you are pumped by the rise of the Goddess and want to have a community that is all about working love as an inside game.

As we heal our inner thoughts to love the world shifts, As we remember only love is real and anything we are thinking if it isn't loving is not real, together we transform our systems aligning them in true vision.

The world is full of compassion, joy, love and kindness. There is a fierce loving energy at work in the world as a revolution of values: one that includes re-aligning all our systems stretching to shift the very cellular DNA of our culture and the people, planet, and souls encoded within it. From the Movement Strategy Center, 'this is a revolution that can be actualized and sustained because it leads from the power of love to fundamentally change individuals and groups, communities and systems. It’s a revolution that does not divide or conquer but instead, as Taoist strategist Sun Tzu writes in the Art of War, keeps everything under the universe whole.'

It is the 21st Century, Melanie invites you to consider the possibility there is another way to look at everything. A way for a shift that aims to deepen our loving in the world, that encourages acts of kindness and realizes media transmissions need to be infused in love as technology marches deeper into AR, AI, VR, it is clear the energy we expend into the world returns.

Melanie Lutz's Mels Love Land Talk+Preview Screening

Date: Saturday, January 26th, 2019

Time: 12:00pm (arrive early to enjoy some Tea)

1624 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90291

Any questions, ideas, loving thoughts, please reach out to

Please check out the first Trailer for the upcoming Mels Love Land: Docu-Series. More information available at Mels Love Land website.

If you want to record your own answer to the question WHAT WOULD THE WORLD BE LIKE IF ALL OUR THOUGHTS WERE LOVING? please record an audio with your name, where you live, the question and your answer and send it along via a downloadable link with your permission, we may use it in the upcoming docu-series!

It all started at the Mystic Journey Bookstore, the result of holding the first book reading next to a giant crystal! Join Mel as she returns to the Mystic Journey Bookstore on Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice, CA to kick of her All Systems Love media movement and celebrate 2019 to honor the work of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. the lessons learned from A Course in Miracles, the Divine Love and Wisdom teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg who at the age of 50 received a download transmission from the Angels in their 'light' language to bring deeper harmonies to the process of community building, a little Marianne Williamson, a lot of muses and a little love music.

Event will include:

*Entering the Heart Zone with a cup of soul nourishing Tea from our dear friends at Mela Teas.

*Co-creating our Collective Heart. A Reiki infused Art Work offering to our beloved community as a sacred love note to amplify desires and prayers for ourselves and our earth.

*Mel talks and infuses the space with loving words.

*Preview of Mels Love Land: Original Docu-Series

*Mels Love Land Book will be avail for sale (+ Signing)

*Guided gratitude meditation and collective heart prayer “Activating our connection to the beloved, our inner Power + Love Light amplification”

*Gain inspiration, heart nourishment and create a powerful field of possibilities

*Learn Effective tools for using love to align your work, home, life

*Stories that engage your Love Activism muscles for 21st Century expansion

*Discuss what it means to maximize your NEXT 100 Days

*Members and Non-Members Welcome!


*Reservation Requested! Sign Up!

Many thanks in advance and many thanks to the work that has gone into this event as we kick off the Love movement for 2019.

Grateful for Mystic Journey Bookstore for rocking it from the beginning.

Thought medicine for the channeling the insights and the collaboration in the written form.

Critical Mass Dance Company/ Dance from the Heart

At the Birdhouse/ Band of Singers

Mary Elizabeth Holmes

Sandra McCurdy

Katie Moriarty Fine Art

AMP Experience

and all my friends for allowing me to bare witness the truth of our interconnected, loving collective heart.

Melanie Lutz is a

Writer. Director. Producer. All Systems Love Activist. Mel motto: Love deeply Practice kindness Laugh often Give generously ⚡️🍋❤️✨

follow along w/ Mel...

Twitter @MelsLoveLand @MobileMel



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