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Every Day is an Opportunity to Choose Love.

What is an All Systems Love Movement?

Systems co-create patterns. How we shift those patterns is a matter of the love we make and the heart connection we embody. An all systems love movement is exactly that. It is an everyday offering of love and kindness, the commitment to the necessary acts of being present to what needs to be done, to leave situations better than we found it and to allow the every available field of possibility to co-create miracles. It is an advocacy that we see the world first with love, from the vision of the heart and enact loving, necessary, gentle action to move and change our worlds from that commitment to CHOOSE LOVE!


Every moment you are listening with the heart, you are considering the possibility there is another way to look at every situation. The earth is constantly moving, turning, growing, evolving, interacting, and flowing. It is the one constant - movement. In our co-creating with love we stay connected to the still point at the center of all things, in our action, our activism our beating heart we remain at one with all that is.


Make a commitment right now to put love into action. To be the kind of person who listens, who takes a beat, who inquires into the larger conversation and who understands this is what we have now. This moment of grace and understanding and connection where everything happens. Rise up today and be a love advocate. Join with us and work in your community to remember to be kind, to be loving and when called upon to do the right thing when no 0ne is watching to DO IT with LOVE!

Melanie Lutz asks the question "WHAT IF ALL OUR THOUGHTS WERE LOVING?" Check out the Mels Love Land | What if All Our Thoughts Were Loving? An Exploration of Love winter trailer...

'What would the world be like if all our thoughts were loving?' Melanie Lutz asks us to consider the possibility there is another way and navigates through the waters of love, what it is, how it operates, and how we open our hearts to all the love that ever was. Consider the possibility there is another way. Mels Love Land: Docu-Series coming in Fall 2020.

More information to attend a private activation screening or plan one in your neighborhood... email us at sign up to pre-order the docu-series here. Every dollar contributed supports our loving efforts. no matter what the question LOVE always remains the answer

Join the all systems love movement.

Winter Trailer 2020





no matter

what the question

LOVE always

remains the answer

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