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Community Apothecary Tea At The Birdhouse

One of our core principles and practices has been hosting Sunday Tea's to talk about things that matter, to build relationships in sacred space and to nurture our community. It has been a part of our tradition for as long as I can remember. There is something about tea and its soul stirring grace that opens the heart and allows for deeper conversation and connection.

You are cordially invited to our Summer Tea Circle co-facilitated by The BirdHouse Community Apothecary, The Elegant Alchemist, and Mels Love Land, where we will journey with Tulsi, aka Holy Basil.

In this powerful, intense time, where much is being unearthed, questioned & dissolved, we offer The BirdHouse Tea Circle as a space of love and acceptance—so we can process, discover and rest in a safe container that is grounded in community. Tulsi is the perfect ally to anchor us in this space. 

Our prompt/question for this Summer Tea Circle is: 

What is my heart moving me to say/speak/do during these troubled times?

 Please join us on Sunday July 12, from Noon to 12:45pm by clicking this link

Co-creator of the The Birdhouse Garden - Bella has lovingly harvested and dried the Tulsi from the BirdHouse Garden for us to enjoy as our herbal tea.