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Community Apothecary Tea At The Birdhouse

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

One of our core principles and practices has been hosting Sunday Tea's to talk about things that matter, to build relationships in sacred space and to nurture our community. It has been a part of our tradition for as long as I can remember. There is something about tea and its soul stirring grace that opens the heart and allows for deeper conversation and connection.

You are cordially invited to our Summer Tea Circle co-facilitated by The BirdHouse Community Apothecary, The Elegant Alchemist, and Mel's Love Land, where we will journey with Tulsi, aka Holy Basil.

In this powerful, intense time, where much is being unearthed, questioned & dissolved, we offer The BirdHouse Tea Circle as a space of love and acceptance—so we can process, discover and rest in a safe container that is grounded in community. Tulsi is the perfect ally to anchor us in this space. 

Our prompt/question: 

What is my heart moving me to say/speak/do to Co-Create ?

Co-creator of the The Birdhouse Garden - Bella has lovingly harvested and dried the Tulsi from the BirdHouse Garden for us to enjoy as our herbal tea.

You will be able to pick up your bag of Tulsi Tea and Herb Cookie at the BirdHouse before the event.

If you’re unable to stop by, no worries. We ask that you simply brew your favorite summertime tea, or pick up Tulsi at your local organic food store.


Remember. All the juicy stuff happens in beloved community, and our local community garden is alive and well to possibilities and health and wellness and joy. We hear your requests for a more just world, where everyone thrives and are at work co-creating ideas, connection and inspiration by creating an apothecary tuning into our plant allies with our community garden. Join us for a seasonal Tea Circle Gatherings via virtual sacred space.

ft. Tulsi aka Holy Basil

Holy Basil is also called Tulsi or Sacred Basil. It has long been an agent of change for our systems and is used to treat all kinds of conditions since the beginning of time. Historically used as medicine because of its widespread healing power. Holy Basil leaves are healing agents, with a rich nourishing impact and anti-inflammatory. It is used in many forms, for ritual of fire, to create a healing tea, in balms.

In our research online we found this delightful info on Tulsi 'it's usages were popularized by the Hindu belief system known as “The Incomparable One,” and is one of the most sacred plants. In Hindu mythology, Tulsi (Holy Basil) symbolizes the goddess Lakshmi, the wife of Vishnu, who is one of the religion’s most important deities. The herb has been valued for centuries because of its benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. Possessing health and spiritual benefits, Holy Basil has become a legendary part of Hindu culture over the last five thousand or so years, adorning houses and temples throughout the country and earning it revered names such as “The Elixir of Life” and “Mother Medicine of Nature.”'


Chinese Medicine classifies Holy Basil as a rare and highly sought after “Shen tonic,” loosely translating to a herb that nourishes the spirit, which should come as no surprise given it’s supposed divine origins. And as effective as it is for treating common health ailments, perhaps Tulsi’s greatest benefit is the restorative effect it has on the nervous system. Tulsi (Holy Basil) is one of the power player herbs that balance the chakras by harmonizing and restoring the flow of body, mind, spirit.


Holy Basil embodies happiness, love, peace and allows for easy flow in and out of spiritual and physical journeys.

Into the Garden: Harvesting Holy Basil

This summer season is calling for us to consider the world we want to co-create together, what we are burning off into the light and grounding in our innate healing abilities. This herb will be the center piece of our Tea offering and we invite your thoughts, your heart, your blessings as we ground, connect, and allow our plant ally to support what is next.

Our earth has a 21st Century rhythm beating and we invite you to deepen your soul’s calling during this is time at The Birdhouse's community apothecary.

We will honor our dreams, create new affirmations, and get aligned with our highest selves and inter-relate to herbal plant medicine.

Have your journal, pen, & cup choice available and get ready to receive.

We co-created a neighborhood apothecary to promote community health and wellness with the first urban Ecosystem Restoration Camp -- At The Birdhouse. building a loving, art, ecology, storytelling, harmonic garden in cooperation with the land we love and each other. Sunday at Noon, to become a member of The Birdhouse. We look forward to this offering with Holy Basil. We, and when I say ‘We’ I mean Bella LeNestour harvested the Holy Basil and lovingly dried and prepared the herb from the garden, Sunday’s blend is pure Holy Basil harvested with love.

Herbalist, Roxanne Malcolm of Elegant Alchemy will be our guide for Holy Basil and we welcome one and all to discuss into evolving new community based ecosystems where everyone thrives and learn from each other and come into the garden as we build our apothecary.

We believe in earth magic, oneness and leading with love. We believe the heart is the master chakra and is the turnaround point in our energy system, we believe in the power of beloved community and coming together to co-create health and wellness. At the center of our being is our interconnection with all that is and we encourage you to dig deeper and as T.S. Eliot wrote '...go through the unremembered gate into the ... garden.' We are looking to interconnect on ideas and earth medicine. Please reach out with loving ideas, to learn more about the divine love and wisdom of a community garden.

lots of love,



Melanie Lutz is a writer, filmmaker and love activist living in Los Angeles, CA.

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