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Call for Re-Action: Magnificent Women Everywhere 19th Ammendment This!

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

In Recognition On the Occasion of the Joint Resolution to Extend the Right for Women to Vote

99 years ago the 19th Amendment on women’s voting rights was ratified. On this day, 8/18/2019, in present time, we acknowledge all the work that has come before this moment and we state in no uncertain terms we must keep on going, doing the work to evolve and transform our systems. You've been given a great gift. If you are not using this gift, please consider this your wake up call.

100 years ago white women earned the right to vote in America.

To accomplish this, across the bargaining tables and in the battle, they were 'forced' to negotiate away the rights for POC. So while it is a milestone, as is often the case, it wasn't the end of the story.

Asian Women earn the right to vote in 1952

Native American Women in 1957

Black women in 1965

Today it feels like women's rights are not considered human rights. Everyday, around the world, girls, women, folks are discriminated against, victims of violence and underrepresented and undersupported. As we recognize how far we have come, let us continue to build bridges for gender parity, equality, justice and radiate the full extent of our inner power of connection. As we come into deeper understandings and consider our relational opportunities may a great understanding surround all of our communications and declarations and resolutions.

We are constant gardeners, in support of our sisters, organizing, demanding, claiming our voting rights and our mother f-ing human rights. We are still beating into the hearts of those who continue to hold keys that keep folks out of the process of democracy's promises, that have fearful beliefs that they need more getting it by forcing others to have less, who keep transformation and healing at bay. If women were equaly represented in all forums, in all systems, in all governments, imagine the possibilities. We honor the work and care and courage it required to put a crack in the industrialized oppression of women. We recognize it was an imperfect victory in an imperfect union and ask for the fullest freedom for democracy to find the way for the 21st century; that we may know the will of all the people, by the people in service to our earth home. Take nothing for granted.




universal, eternal, truth

In our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits is a great responsibility to offer our gifts to the world, by showing up, taking part, allowing our magnificent voices to be heard. May love continue to flow through all efforts as we lift up new resolutions that are just and kind, open and free of fear, free from any tyranny and abuses of power.

**Image ref: Library of Congress

May we do better, because we know better. May we rise to the care and work necessary to realize the dream of our collective loving heart. May we recognize the words of a great activist 'Woman are more than 50% of the population and have given birth to all of the world's population.

May our work in the world be honored, be supported, be graced, be lifted and be allowed to bring natural birth giving harmonies to our worlds. May we make a commitment everyday to show up, to be a force for good and practice community care so fierce and loving that the world is born anew for peace. May we be vehicles to all that wants to transpire for a 21st century full of peace.

If you feel a movement of your heart, find a local girls organization and volunteer, show up in a way you haven't yet considered.

This article is part of Mels Love Land | MiniMag Issue 16 BIG LOVE


This article is part of Mels Love Land MiniMag Issue 16 | BIG LOVE more info here

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