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It's Opening Day for Love: NEXT 100 is NOW!

Each year we present and amplify a NEXT 100 Days of Love. It is one of the ways we manifest community miracles. We together connect around loving thought. The idea is to make a commitment to receive and give 100 days of love. This year is different for many reasons. We are being given an opportunity, a moment in time to reflect, to ask questions, to look up from what was and allow the present moment to offer its medicine, to open our heart vision, to expand our health and wellness through the tenor of our daily acts of care and work and to consider the possibility there is another way. Mels Love Land's 9th NEXT 100 begins 5/30.


How each of us is affected by our grief is individual. I trust the process required to arrive at clarity of perfect peace that resides within each of us and I respect each of our choices on how we allow love to activate our heart. May you allow this next 100 to fuel and nourish your thoughts and encourage actions that are kind, loving what is possible and what represents wellness in our community. May any grief we experience as we let go resting in the arms of love, breakthrough to more love. May we experience grace as we process our trauma and loss and may we find ways to reconnect to what is essential.


Each day as we wake into conscious awareness for 100 days we consider the possibility what love would do and deeply connect to our inner wisdom, power and grace for instruction and guidance. We choose love. It is love, only. This isn't a test, there is no right or wrong, left or right, it is an offering of love as a way forward, to ignite something, to make a shift in your point of view and to quite beautifully receive love for 100 Days, to bask in our most nourishing loving-ness that is our natural birthright, as an experience of love throughout the garden of our being.

If this is something that interests you, and you want to make a commitment to 100 days of love the bottom line across all our communities, systems and interactions - consider joining us for our 9th Annual Mels Love Land: NEXT 100 and watch the world as you see it transform via the vision of the heart.

Healing is the gift of loving thought as we choose again to see things differently, to envision the beauty in all things.