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Kindenss Club at Allmost Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Empathy and kind loving acts every week will change the world. Be the change. Engage in a process of kindness. Tamra Raven and her family started an organization 52 Weeks of Giveback to put love and kindness practices into their community with activism of the heart every week. #love #kindness #activism #team Be ❤️✨🔥

The Kindness Club connects kindess and community to amplify peace. Want a kickstart in your family we created a Kindness Club Coloring book to offer up ideas to enjoy your practices as a family. Artist. Aaron Steinberg.

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

This young man, working sales for his moms jewelry business taught me so much about grace, hustle, commitment and the joy of bringing the wisdom to what you do w/ the love to see it through ❤️✨ as he said ‘Love is who you got to be. The future is kindness and caring for each other and anyone who misses that beat needs more love.’

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