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The Unexpected Gift of Giving 100 Art Heart Cards

Updated: Nov 23


We're deep into our most cherished offering of art, connection and community healing medicine. For each of the past five years during the month of February, our favorite month, to honor all our love and friendships in their many forms, we've delivered 100 art heart cards into our local community to remind folks they are safe, they are never alone and they are always loved. At the beginning of each calendar year we reach out to a few beloved artists and put out the word we'll be doing some art crafting sessions.

Prior to Covid, we met in person and played music and cut and pasted and painted and put our art on folded 8.5x11 piece of card stock and generally reveled in the 'common wealth' of artist commraderie, now we capture the spirit over zoom. When we've completed 100 art heart cards. We gather them, catalog and number them, matching the heart to the person, if we have a request or in other cases we'll hold space for our 'you are loved' message, that it will meet the heart of the recipient at the perfect moment. Once the card feels complete, we'll send or deliver them with all the grace and gusto allowed. In addition to direct mail, cards go out to community locations including senior centers, sober living facilities, foster care locations, places of purpose and care and support who all year long, give and give and give love to those in need. It is our way of saying thanks and being in gratitude for all the work being done to support folks when they need it, to care and bear witness to the community and collective hearts of those who choose service. Who choose love, every morning upon their waking.

We call this effort our February service offering, a joyful project creating art heart cards, crafting with community and sharing via the USPS and hand delivering the loving cards. Over the years we've sent cards across the globe and in most states in the great 48. The heart cards are designed to be kept or resent to another, we leave them blank with a loving message allowing for the recipient to imprint with the heart on each card. We've seen them become a part of an art collection, framed or placed on a shelf, standing up for love in living rooms across the world. Over the years we've had different colored card stock, but still find the majority of our loving thoughts emerge on white and black card stock. This effort is part of Mel's Love Land's commitment to media as medicine, to art and ecology to transform our reality and to the world's we co-create together through our love and affection, our care and commitment and our support for our neighbors, because on every level we are our neighbors. It is a heartfelt offering to give back, to raise the vibration of community and to remind of all the beautiful stories of connection, and service and power of coming together to do something from the heart.