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writer. filmmaker. love activist.


all our thoughts 

were loving? . . . 


consider the possibility


Storytelling is the way we heal, connect and project. It is a medium for connection, understanding and expansion of authentic expression. It is the way we make manifest our loving. Our production teams include those who work in the in those multi-hyphenated, in betweens, with ongoing practices of meditation, sustainable farming, ecosystem restoration, harmonic vibrational healing, equine, animal communications, shamanism and clinical hypnotics linked to neural engagement. We work through coordinated stakeholder communications through advanced collaboration tech, establishing grace filled and gentle ways to express the collective heart of the matter. Whatever work you engage us for, we consider highest engagement, allow for spirit to work through our productions as we utilize sublter energies to interweave with our natural worlds and etheric, artistic spaces. We are building sustainable, healthy healed imagery to support growth, beauty and harmony througout the world we are co-creating together. We embrace the embodiment o f love, to be the change, now, with media that matters. 


Reach out to discover what love can do. Let's tell some wonderful stories together.


This virtual event, produced with the intention to inform, align, synchrize and activate disparate groups, individuals and organizations to unify the field of possibilities. It is infused in ceremony, tradition and the power of community to align the experience ofthe necessary care and work of our time. As COVID began we had an opportunity to collaborate and synchronize our teams to consider the possibilities and joined virtually to lead the way. It was a virtual effort, to connect each other, using theopportunity of an old world dying as a new world forms. The 4.5 hours reps the ways, information, ideas, teams and experience guiding our productions through our community hub at The Birdhouse lead by John Liu.



We've done it all. From feature films, adaptations, development, head of production, interviews, television development, brand integration, campaigns. We specialize in the DNA dynamic, what is essentional through our all systems love infused media rooted in community action, in foundational wellness to create harmony, expand the experience of connection, collaboration and satisfaction through the great necessary artistic work of our days. 


no matter

what the question

LOVE always

remains the answer

Donating is Loving

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