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all our thoughts 

were loving? . . . 


consider the possibility

Founded in 2015 by 
​writer. filmmaker. love activist. ​​
Melanie Lutz

a premiere content hub for love in all its forms.

streaming loving thoughts + broadcasting storytelling + minting words of inspiration

Every card is made in a devotional practice of divine love and wisdom. We select, co-create and send a loving heart card where directed, where it is needed, to remind folks they are loved, they are never alone and we are all apart of the human heart. 


Part intuitive, part activation handmade art card with lots of Love. Order one or two for those you love. 


Price Options
Four Seasons Cards
$14.74every month until canceled
  • Every creation begins with a loving thought. Share your intention, your wish, your desire for the card and we'll incorporate it into our offering.

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