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all our thoughts 

were loving? . . . 


consider the possibility

Founded in 2015 by 
​writer. filmmaker. love activist. ​​
Melanie Lutz

a premiere content hub for love in all its forms.

streaming loving thoughts + broadcasting storytelling + minting words of inspiration

Order a lovely handmade heart card TODAY and we'll send a loving note + an original heart card made using a practice of 'Qi' calling in oneness, love and grounded connection to arrive when it's needed most.


A gift from the heart, this work is done in a meditative energy practice, that involves the practice of joy and oneness and is the heart work that is part of the overall mission of Mels Love Land.  all systems love approach to spreading love and kindness.


Welcome to the world of Oneness heart art cards. Send and recieve love via our unique heart mail program to promote love and kindness in the world.


Each purchase of a hand-made heart card contributes to a world of peace and love we are building together.


Using the energy practices of Chi, the work of the heart these cards speak "love' in ever connected and grounded and sometimes unexpected ways. Each crafted Heart card is made with love to share.


These wonderful loving cards are shipped around the world and sometimes, right next door. Buy one or two, and have us send a kind note to your loved one or, if you feel you are in need, we'll send one to you.


A wonderful way to let love lead the way.



Sending Love

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