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Melanie Lutz - Mels Love Land
writer. filmmaker. love activist.



Welcome ❤️ !!  Your beautiful loving heart lead you here. Great work!

Direct LINK to CHOOSE LOVE page is

Here's the Scoop on your Next 100 Days of ❤️ Activism aka "It's on and crackling for 100 opportunities to Choose Love." It all starts with this commitment.


For the Next 100 Days I am going to consider the possibility there is another way to look at everything -- with love. 



  1. Close your eyes. Take a few breaths. It isn't a race.

  2. Download the book (or if you own it - get it out : )

  3. Set up your sacred altar to hold all of your loving in the light and love of your home.

  4. Watch the intro (live stream) to the 8th Next 100   all time is now, so no worries on when you receive information, connect in, everything is waiting for you to activate it.

  5. Feel into what inspires you about this Next 100, connect to the space you want to see and hold dear, and feel safe and free in, expand that area, include yourself, rest into what love will foster.

  6. Get clear about your Why? Share it with me, the group and your family members.

  7. Plant seeds into the spring's awakenings and let's do this.

  8. Prepare the way like you are entering the greatest relationship you will ever know, a relationship you will put into and receive back and will be in balance, allow yourself everything energetically that feeds your soul to flow in and around you.

  9. Love more deeply than you have before.

  10. Experience more joy.

  11. More Happiness.

  12. Check into the grounding page for this 8th Cycle Choose Love at take the next 10 days to clear, renew, refresh your system with the guided meditations held there. If they are not for you - find something that is, clear, refresh, and balance your energy systems during the process of these next 100 days. We are putting everything in your life in loving movement.

  13. ACTION ITEM -- STARTS w/ YOU! The first Day of the NEXT 100 you receive an email with instructions plus the link to the FAG page  starting point, this will have links, etc. It can be your guide for reference if something shifts sideways with the internets.

  14. When you complete the vibes outlined, reach back to me via email, let us know if you want to have text instead of email and we will set up your EVERY MORNING YOU RECEIVE A LOVING THOUGHT + AN AFFIRMATION FOR THE DAY (this is either texted or emailed. Please make sure we know your preference, it is done by hand, as meditative practice of key strokes make the connection, while we embrace AI, VR, AR, some things need to have a human experience and and loving thought and affirmations flow this way for the NEXT 100 Practice further grounding the love space :  )

**If we do not hear from you we will send you more love and kickstart your 100 Days via email.


✨Take a moment to connect to it each day, preferably in the morning, but last thing before bed is also power house, if it speaks to you. If it doesn't read it anyway. Keep it in your heart. Check in on the Affirmation. Repeat it. Connect to your Inner Power. Breathe in Peace. Breathe out Love. Be brave. if you get bored return to your breath and heart beat. Repeat as necessary to return to love if you drop out of the higher vibrations⚡️


Follow your own intuition. Some people get everything they need with one thought. No worries. Everything is about choosing love as your lens. Whatever works for you is it, stay connected to your heart, we will hold you in the field of possibilities where you are always love, always connected and everything is unfolding perfectly, like beautiful echoes on the winds that speak to you. Enjoy yourself. Be joyful, rest and relax when you need to and we look forward to experiencing lots of love and inner power together!🦄🌈




Download PDF of Mels Love Land: Consider the Possibility There is Another Way Now and save to your desktop.

 THE EBOOK DOWNLOAD to your NEXT 100 Sacred Folder - Please feel free to share digital version with anyone. It is a simple, straightforward book from the heart, kind of like a love yourself for dummies as a resource for your 100 Days.

We are going to change the world with our loving hearts. We are going to consider the possibility there is another way to look at everything with love and we are going to get serious about our inner radiant flaming heart powers!





Facebook Page for public posting

Facebook "Love This" page for private group, thought

This is the first year we have a THEME SONG written and sung by Mary Elizabeth Holmes called KEEP ON.


Download it here.

or this is the link:

Please email with questions and comments and inspirations.

Thank you for becoming an All Systems Love ❤️Activist  !!

One more time.


Plant seeds and nourish you loving heart into the spring's awakenings and let's do this together.

(Repeat after Me)

For the #Next100 Days I am going to consider the possibility there is another way to look at everything -- with love. 

You got this.

Love, Mel

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