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all our thoughts 

were loving? . . . 


consider the possibility

Melanie Lutz - Mels Love Land
writer. filmmaker. love activist.

a premiere content hub for love in all its forms.

streaming loving thoughts + broadcasting storytelling + minting words of inspiration

Love is a verb. Developing stories from a loving point of view transforms our timeline. 

Join us in deconstructing  NOW. Click here.





Melanie is a renaissance woman, creating a premiere love based content company committed to a 21st Century ordered and aligned in Love. Mel is a writer, director, love activist, healer, producer, entrepreneur who has always been inspired by a wonderful story of love conquering all. 

Jonathan Hiller integrates his passion for art, technology and psychology in his unique view of the worlds we inhabit. Hiller’s work has been featured in The New York Times, Time and on the Discovery Channel. A few years into his film career, he was recruited to serve as a filmmaker for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

Visual Effects is a passion.

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